Thanks to everyone who voted

Congratulations to Mr. Wayne George on his campaign and his victory.  I also want to thank him for his professionalism during the campaign.  He was a gentleman throughout, and I appreciate that.  When I got into this race, I made it clear that I was not in to run against Mr. George, but I was in to run for the citizens of Marion County. 

I also want to thank everyone who volunteered for my campaign over the past several months.  Whether it was putting out a yard sign, helping at an event, or just spreading the word about my campaign, I want you to know that your time, work, and support has been greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

I want to also thank my wonderful wife Sheila for her unwavering support.  She has been nothing short of amazing since all of this started last spring.  Her dedication and sacrifice has been unbelievable, and it reminds me daily why I am such a lucky man to have her as my wife.

Lastly, I hope this run will serve as a form of inspiration to others throughout this district.  The citizens of District 57 deserve to have options on the ballot.  If we want to improve this area it is going to take new voices, new people, new leadership, and new ideas.  I would encourage anyone who has an interest in politics to step up and get involved in local races in the future.  I encourage you to run for office, or support a good, solid candidate who will challenge the status quo.

Again, thanks to everyone for their support, and we wish nothing but the best for Mr. George in his position as House District 57 Representative.

Thank You

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you who supported my campaign for the South Carolina House of Representatives.  Some of you put out yard signs, some of you volunteered your services during various events, and a few of you even made unsolicited campaign contributions. 

Whatever role you played, I just wanted to say “Thank You”.  Running for office while continuing to work a full-time job and take part in a full-time family has been difficult and time consuming, but it has been worth it.  The citizens of District 57 deserve options on the ballot.  If we want to improve this district it is going to take new voices, new people, new leadership, and new ideas.  My hope is that this campaign is just the beginning.  Hopefully we’ll have folks from all areas of the county who start standing up and stepping out politically.

I want to encourage you to look at local offices that affect you and your family and consider a run for office.  If you don’t run, find a good person who is willing to step out and support him or her.  I’ve said it over and over during this campaign:  The good ole boy system has put us in this mess.  One party rule is not good for anyone, and you can clearly see what it has done to Marion County.

Again, I want to convey my deepest gratitude to each of you – no matter what role you played, Sheila and I both appreciate your support.


Eric Fry

2 Days – There is still time to help!

No, it is not too late to help the campaign!

Word of mouth is still the greatest advertising around … let your friends and family know that for the first time in years Marion County voters will actually have a choice on the ballot in November.  I’ve made clear my conservative beliefs and ideas, and have set out a plan to work with other regional legislators to get this district moving forward again. 

If you would like to make calls, go to and click on “Office Locations”.  Contact either Delinda Ridings or Cam Crawford and tell them you would like to make phone calls for Eric Fry’s SC House race.  Victory 2012 volunteers are making calls, and any extra help would be greatly appreciated.

Out of town and still want to help?  Financial contributions can be mailed to Eric Fry for SC House  PO Box 224  Nichols, SC 29581.

Thanks to everyone for your support – we all know what an uphill struggle this election will be, but we’ll continue to “fight the good fight” all the way to November 6th.


2 weeks to go!

We’re heading into the final weeks of the campaign, and word is continuing to spread that voters in District 57 actually have a choice on the ballot in November.  It has been many years since voters in the district have gone to the polls and there were two names on the ballot for any elected position, but this year voters will have a choice for state representative.

I had a great time at a couple of events in Mullins this past week.  I had the opportunity to speak with several citizens at the “Meet the Candidate” event on Monday evening, and also had a fun afternoon at the Mullins Fall Festival on Saturday.  Thanks to everyone who visited with me and offered their support.

As we count down the days until November 6th, I will continue to be “out and about”.  Please contact me if you would like me to stop by and visit, speak to your group one evening, or would like a yard sign.  With just a couple of weeks remaining, I need your help more than ever!

“Like” my Facebook page as well:

Help With Yard Signs

Friends and Supporters,
Please allow me to ask you a favor:  If you see anyone vandalizing, tampering with, or removing my yard signs, please take action.  If possible, take a picture – also make sure to contact me as soon as possible with the license plate number and a description of the vehicle and person.

In my travels around District 57 last weekend, I have noticed that approximately half of my signs are already missing.

The campaign signs are property of my campaign. Not only are they expensive financially, but it has also taken many hours to place them around the district.

In turn, I remind my supporters to respect the signs of my opponent. Please do not touch or remove them from the location you see them.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Campaign Update

No slowing down now!  Despite a hectic personal and professional schedule, there is no time to slow down.  Every day is important as we get closer and closer to the election in November.

After attending the Aynor Harvest Hoe-Down and Mullins Golden Leaf Festival on consecutive Saturdays, I spent the following weekend going door-to-door in Marion and Mullins.

On Thursday, October 4th I had the opportunity to attend the Taste of Temperance Hill.  The food and fellowship were equally great, and as with everywhere else I’ve been, the people I met were receptive to my thoughts and ideas about District 57.

I also want to thank everyone in the Gresham area for their hospitality at the First Annual Fall Celebration at the WR Saffold Community Center.  I enjoyed attending that event on Saturday, October 6th, and the reception there was fantastic as well.

Countdown To Election Day Is On!

The first thing I want to say is:  ”Thank You!”  Thanks to everyone for being so positive about the campaign and the upcoming election.  It is time to move District 57 in a New Direction …. and to do that, we need New Leadership!

I’ve had some great opportunities to talk to people from all over the area during the past week.  Last Saturday I visited with folks from Horry County at the Aynor Harvest Hoe-Down, then on Thursday, Sept. 20th, I attended a “Meet the Candidate” event sponsored by the Pee Dee Realtor Association.  I then spent Friday afternoon going door-to-door in Marion, and followed that up Saturday by talking to citizens at the Mullins Golden Leaf Festival.  The reaction I got from folks at the Golden Leaf Festival was outstanding!  Nearly every person I talked to mentioned the need for positive leadership and an honest effort by our next representative to help get District 57 moving forward. 

We are now under 45 days until Election Day — if you want that positive change in our area as I do, then I encourage you to join my campaign so we can make that happen.  Click on the “Get Involved” tab at the top of the page to let me know what you would like to do.  If you want to make a donation to the campaign, send it the the address listed on that page.  Also visit my Facebook page and “Like” it as well:!/FryForScHouse